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Age of Tribes Rating: ★★★☆☆

Back in 1991 a revolutionary new game was launched where the aim of the game was to save a troop of blue coated lemmings from their attempts to leap to their deaths. It was a massive hit and was released on multiple platforms and it was this game that appears to have been the inspiration for Age of Tribes where your are tasked to lead a small group of natives home avoiding all of the deadly traps that are placed in front of them.

You can certainly see the similarities, each of the 20 levels is based of multiple platforms and you using lines that you draw directly onto the screen with your finger you are able to span gaps, reach higher levels and climb over obstacles in order to get a minimum number of your tribe to their home. While this line drawing method wan’t available in the original game of lemmings it does and an extra level of complexity to the genre and while the multiple alternate options of the original are missing instead of being missed it simply enhances the puzzle aspect of the game, making you think ahead and plan you potential route to safety.

Age of Tribes iPhone iPad Game

Each of the 20 plus levels expands beyond the iPhone/iPod touch screen but there are both buttons to zoom in and out of the screen and the standard pinch and zoom functionality is also available. You can also move around the screen by dragging your finger and this is certainly required so that you can plan where and how you are going to get your tribesmen home.

The level design cover 4 different eras and the 8 different themes add a different style to each of the levels that begin relatively simple but end up being very complex and will require some serious thinking and potentially quite a few tribesmen deaths before you clear them. The placement of the lines for your tribesman to walk and climb across isn’t always as accurate as it could be and all to often I would find one or more tribesmen trapped on a piece of the environment or line that was just slightly out of place.

Lines that you can place can also be deleted so mis-placed or already used lines can be deleted and re-drawn and this is a necessity as you are limited to using 8 lines at any one time.

Age of Tribes iPhone iPad Game_2

If that all sounds straight forward enough for you then you haven’t factored in the feature that ensures that each of the lines drawn starts to crumble as soon as you’ve placed it so you need to keep an eye on any stragglers as otherwise they will fall to an untimely death!

Age of Tribes is also linked to the Plus+ network allowing you to track your progress, achievements and to compare your successes with other friends on the Plus+ network and this definitely adds value to what is unfortunately too short of a game.

Overall Age of Tribes is a fun distraction especially for those players that remember the classic Lemmings, it doesn’t reach the heady heights of quality of fun of that game but at 99 cents is still fun to play.

The Good

  • Nice take on the Lemmings genre
  • Good use of the touch screen controls

The Not So Good

  • Too few levels
  • Poor line placement

Reviewed By: Craig Willis

Price: $0.99 (iTunes Store)
Updated Feb 16, 2010
Reviewed Version: 1.1.1
Size: 35.6 MB
Languages: English
Seller: Axel Friedrich
© 2010 Fancy Factory


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