Aerox for iPhone: Float, Roll, Turn Your Ball Through a Stunning Environment

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Rating: ★★★★★

Aerox Review: Aerox is a gravity-defying, accelerometer taxing, mind-calming test of your control of a rolling ball on a platform trail.

The graphics of a watery/airy environment for Aerox are stunning. Clean, cool, peaceful, unearthly. The techno music lends to the heavenly atmosphere too. The app could easily be billed as a relaxation tool to take your mind off what troubles you. It has a taste of Wall-E and, dare I say, Apple design to it.

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But there’s a game to be played here too. It’s a great accelerometer game that gives you good control over the speed and direction of the ball you are steering down the path. There is a brake to help you regain control, and a way to lock the camera to help you focus on steering.

Aerox provides plenty of obstacles to deal with, starting with curves and corners. Add to that pillars, ramps, platforms, multiple levels, etc. and the challenge will keep you going. There are 30 levels to master in all.

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Many of these Monkey Ball-style games concentrate on going as quickly as you can down a course. That’s important with Aerox too, but somehow precision feels like the major objective. Your efforts are timed, no doubt. And you can compete for world rankings too. But the game is so elegant that you want to do it justice in your efforts and enjoy the experience.

There are cheaper games on the app store, but Aerox is going to do more to calm your nerves and give you a small escape than that latte that you paid twice as much for.
Aerox - Synoptical Studios Ltd

  • The visual effect is amazing
  • Excellent control over the ball and cameras
  • Interesting, challenging obstacles to navigate


  • Only plays in one orientation




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