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Aegis Rating: ★★★☆☆

There are a lot of games in the App Store that suffer from being a step or two away from true greatness. They might be missing social gaming, or ignore some basic gameplay functionality, or just scrimp on one aspect or another of the experience. Aegis from V-Sense Communications is unfortunately such an app. You get a sense that with perhaps a little more effort this game could be a hit.

Aegis puts the player in control of a warship in various war scenarios. Your task is to attack enemy units; destroying all before progressing to the next level. Play is conducted in a 2D space so movement is limited to a back and forth motion controlled by either a virtual joystick or the accelerometer. Movement is primarily a means to avoid enemy shelling although it is also useful in attack strategy. Enemies are attacked using a targeting reticle moved around the screen by touch. Since the game uses an artillery model, you rarely attack enemies with direct fire. Instead, you must move your reticle around the screen until your fire homes in on the enemy. An auto fire option is enabled by default so your ship continually fires but you can also set it to fire on your command. If you set that option, tap the reticle once again after it’s placed to attack.

Aegis iPhone Game Review

Aegis is a fun little arcade game but compared with its competition, it lacks in several key areas. Firstly, gameplay is repetitive. The quantity, size, and type of enemies may vary as you move through the missions but the mechanics stay exactly the same. You move back and forth in your unchanging ship attacking enemies that line up on the right side of the screen. The scenery doesn’t change, the appearance of the enemy units doesn’t change, and the mode of attack doesn’t change. I found the game to be enjoyable at the beginning but over time it wore on me until about three or four missions in I had to put it down.

Secondly, the graphics are positively underwhelming. The iPhone is a marvel of mobile computing power. Having graphics in a game that look like they belong on my original NES isn’t retro, it demonstrates how much you didn’t pay attention to this aspect of your game. The images of your ship or the enemy don’t even change when either takes damage! That’s just unacceptable.

Aegis iPhone Game Review_2

Aegis does have some good points. As I said, it is a fun little arcade shooter. It also implements OpenFeint global high scores. I just feel like it could be so much more with a little more work and tuning.

The Good:

  • Fun arcade action
  • OpenFeint support
  • Almost a complete and enjoyable game

The Not So Good:

  • Repetitive gameplay
  • Inferior graphics

Reviewed By: Erin Peterson

Price: $0.99 (iTunes Store)
Released: Feb 05, 2010
Reviewed Version: 1.0
Size: 9.2 MB
Languages: English
Seller: Keith Hung
© 2009 V-Sense Communications Limited


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