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Apple relaxed a few of its App Store rules recently and one of those changes had the net effect of letting apps that have been made with Adobe’s Flash authoring tools to be sold through Apple’s App Store.

Bearing in mind that the Apple / Adobe spat over Flash associated development tools being banned from use in iPhone development was pretty much what anyone in the tech press was talking about a few months ago then one would expect this to be a big deal.

Even more so when you consider that both Steve Jobs and Shantanu Narayen (Adobe’s CEO) had a public war of words over Flash and the lack thereof in the App Store, earlier on in the year.

In Adobe’s quarterly earnings report on Tuesday the CEO of the company responded to questions about their third party tools, and demand for them since Apple’s announcement. Overall the increase in demand for their tools has not been significant.

“In the short run, I would say the impact was muted,” Narayen said.

He also let slip that many developers were concerned about making products for many devices with different sized screens. This is a problem that plagues the Android ecosystem far more than the Apple iOS ecosystem.

In any case Narayen said that he felt sure that Adobe was well placed to help developers solve that problem.

I have to say I am not sure what advantage Flash really brings to that problem over OpenGL. But anyway…

As with all the Flash shenanigans this year it does seem to be a big fuss over nothing.

Are you still expecting a deluge of Flash titles for your mobile devices? Or are you hoping the flood stays away? Have your say in the comments…


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  • Thomas

    Flash is the best experience you can get.

    Html5 has scandelized itself with jittered animations. HTML5 cannot provide what Flash can.

    Once it does, it may be an option. Till now, it’s out of the question for out UX.

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