7-inch Apple iPad Mini Rumors Surface Again

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Reuters are reporting that Apple is getting ready to manufacture a 7 inch iPad for launch early next year. Yes, we’ve heard this all before. And yes, Steve Jobs has publicly denied the idea.

But then, as I have pointed out before, Apple have also denied the idea of mice with more than one button, iPods that play videos, Mac Net-books and a whole host of other products we have seen them produce nonetheless.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab has not been the breakout success as an “iPad Killer” that many thought it might. But it is not doing that badly in sales figures; having recently crossed the 1 Million units mark.

So with the market there to be exploited this rumour is not as crazy as some might think. With Apple rumoured to be moving to a higher resolution screen for the iPad 2, it is perhaps possible that the rumoured iPad 7″ sibling will offer a similar display to the current iPad in a smaller form factor.

This may of course all be Reuters getting their wires crossed. The iPad 2 is said itself to be smaller than the existing model. But that tends to contradict reports that the iPad 2 adverts have already been shot with existing iPad models in frame as they will be able to be replaced with iPad 2 images due to their similar size.

Reuters had this specifically to say :

A separate supply chain source said Apple was preparing a significantly smaller iPad that is almost half the size of the current model. The current iPad has a 9.7-inch screen.

So will the iPad 2 be smaller, or will we get two iPad 2s?ย What do you think? Let us know in the comments…



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  • Yoshi

    Keep the 9.7inch screen and put a camera on it

  • Anonymous

    I also heard many rumours about the next iPad. I think the next one will be better and released soon.However, I hope that apple will keep the 9.7-inch size.Honestly speaking, The most important reazon i chose to Ipad is that the screen size is very comfortable, which can make me enjoying movies on my ipad, not so, i also order a Aneesoft dvd to ipad converter and Netflix app, both all can make my “home theater” more perfect!B)but if Apple reduce the ipad size to 7-inch, I I would rather use my cell phone whtch movie.

  • Ziseld Joe

    I personally would like a 7 inch Ipad. I think the Ipad is slightly too big and think the Ipod touch is too small. I think a half way point is a good idea. Especially if it costs less.
    But, in other side, the big screen ipad help me enjoy my videos on ipad. I am sticking with my iPad with so many vidoes. When I back home, I would watching all kinds of videos with my boyfriend. I think others will do the same once they try it and realize it is the perfect personal computer ๐Ÿ™‚
    So, I prefer the big screen ipad. By the way, To watch all kinds of videos and movies on ipad, we should thanks be to God, ahaa, just a joke. we should thanks to iFunia(ifunia.com/index.html). this third party supplies the best ipad video converter so that we can save all kinds of vidoes on ipad.

  • MattSky.com

    7 inch is an awkward size for a tablet. I understand making the iPad lighter, I have no understanding of the awkward middle-ground area of something that’s smaller than a big screen tablet, slightly bigger than a phone. It’s like a ipod for old people, nothing offensive to the elderly ๐Ÿ™‚

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