7 inch Apple iPad Rumors Persist

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A rumor has been running around for a while now about a 7 inch iPad coming from Apple. The rumor mostly originated from one place. Digitimes. And subsequently it rambled its way around the web through various blogs and tech sites.

Today, Taiwan’s Economic Daily News is reporting the same thing, and suggesting a launch for the iPad 7″ prior to year end. November is the date that many sites are suggesting.

In the report details are given of suppliers for the screen. Which will be based on IPS (In Plane Switching) LCD technology. The same as that in the current iPad. Information is also given on other manufacturers and suppliers. But it is still all a bit sketchy still.

I am not convinced of this devices existence, yet. But the amount of info now circulating certainly lends some credence to the rumors.

Do you think Apple are set to launch a mid sized iPad? Or something else? Give us your best guess in the comments.


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