5 Essential iPhone Apps to help You Manage Your Finances

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More and more people are living on a tight budget or having to watch every penny they spend. Gone are the days when you could just nip into the bank withdraw a certain amount and not even have to worry how much you have left in there. These days most people have little note pads with their bank balance on or apps to help them manage or spreadsheets on their computor. So to help you keep track of your finances and manage your money effectively here are a variety of 5 apps to help you with your finances, each offering different and very practical uses.

1. MoneyBook

MoneyBook by NoIdentity is an app designed to help you manage your money at home. It is very simple to use with all the features you would need to help you sort your monthly budget and bills out. Designed to be used on the go it is a great app that you can carry around with you and quickly update as and when it is needed.

You simply enter the recurring monthly income and expenses and the app does the rest for you. On your main front overview page after all the details have been entered it shows your remaining balance, the top latest transactions and even your statistics.

The transaction page is a delight to look at with little receipt style records that you can glance back should you ever need to check previous withdrawals. You can also record any additional transactions you have whether incoming or outgoing. If required you can also add a note to any transaction.

If you need to check back and alter your recurring bills there is also a section for that, any of them can be changed easily and quickly. The final section is the history page which shows the history of what went in and out each day. Should you wish to protect your information there is also the option to have a passcode on the app. [iTunes Store]

2. iCurrency Pad

iCurrency by Sollico is a simple to use currency convertor and calculator. The UI is lovely to look at and it really is very easy to use. It is also slightly different to most other apps that offer a convertor because iCurrency offers the latest world exchange rates as well.

The app is easy to start using first you choose your currency you want and which you want it to convert to. Then you flick over to the calculator screen and enter the amount you want to convert. It will then tell you the amount and the exchange rate. If you need to alter it is again very easy to adjust just by moving up and down for the currency or across for the amount to swap to the other currency.

If you only use a small list of different currencies because there over 150 listed you may find it time consuming flicking through them all so there is an option to favorite the currencies you use the most.

The app also give you an option to look at the history of the currency exchange rate you have been using. All rates are updated when the app launches or at pre-defined intervals. [iTunes Store]

3. Margin and MarkUp Calculator

Created by Clevermatrix Margin and Markup Calculator is an app designed to calculate your sales figures quickly and efficiently.

There are three options to fill in on the app. The first one is Amounts. You select this option if you only know two of cost price, selling price or profit it will then work out the rest of the values for you. The next option is MarkUp which is for when you know the markup and want to work out the cost and selling price. The last one is Margin which is for when you know the margin and again want to work out the cost and selling price.

It is all very clear and easy to follow on screen and the values are then just calculated for you in a matter of seconds. [iTunes Store]

4. UK Tax Calculator

Its round about that time again when a lot of people have to start filling in their annual tax returns. Created by Tapjunkie the Tax Calculator is an estimator for your tax and national insurance contributions.

Its all very easy to use. You input the requested details and then the calculator works out the full payment breakdown, Income tax, National Insurance and any Pension contributions. At present as well the app includes the HMRC 2009/2010 tax data that as now come into effect.

The payments can be viewed either weekly, monthly or on a yearly basis. It is also the only app I am aware of that lets you enter your actual tax code for a more precise estimation. [iTunes Store]

5. Sums

Created by Skewsoft sums is a really basic but very easy to use app. It is ideal if you don’t want an app that goes into lots of fine details but just want a clear view of all your accounts and their balances.

You simply create your first account giving it a name of your choice. Then put the starting balance in if there is one. Then every time you deposit or withdraw anything you put it in by using a plus or a minus and it automatically works the sum out for you and the balance amount is shown at the bottom. It is that easy and thats all you need to do. You can then create any other accounts you require. All these are kept on the front page and when you first launch the app you can see them all at a glance.

The withdrawals are always in red so it is easy to follow what went out of your account. If you need to edit it at any time you can and you can even add figures to it. There is also the option to email the sum sheets. [iTunes Store]

What do you use to manage your finances, do you use any of the above apps already?


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