‘360’ Review – Unlike Any Game You’ve Seen Before

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Rating: ★★★★★

And now for something completely different… 360 for iPhone is unlike any game I’ve seen before. The objective is to spin your iPhone/iPod touch/iPad. It’s that simple. It’s that brilliant.


360 for iPhone-1If you’ve ever spun a pencil or drumsticks in your hand, this game is for you. If you haven’t it’s still a fun skill to try. Your spin technique is what it’s all about.

You have three choices of challenge: time, spin, or distance. Time measures how many spins you can do in a fixed amount of time. Spin is just the opposite. It measures how long it takes you to do a fixed number of spins. And I’m not sure how distance is measured, but this is the endurance event of the challenges.

It’s got a fun industrial style with music to match. The graphics are fairly simple but provide feedback as to the challenge you are on, the time/distance/spins, and just some funky animations to let you know when you’ve completed a rotation. However, it can be hard, if not impossible, to read this information while also trying to spin your device, so it helps that there’s also tactile feedback for each spin.

360 for iPhone-2This is a game that could be quite addictive for those who like to go one up on their previous score or on the scores of their friends through Game Center. You’ll be able to tell the addicts by the size of their forearm. This game takes a certain amount of physical skill and effort! It’s one that may be best played in short bursts.

To get the best scores, it’s probably best to spin your device on your finger or in your hand, if you’re comfortable doing that. If your not, consider placing it on a flat surface (a mouse pad for instance) and spinning it there. You’ll still want to use a bit of caution, as it would be pretty easy for it to go flying. But the more you do it, the more confident and in control you’ll be.

This is a really fun game that anyone, perhaps with a bit of caution, can do. It’s simplicity and game play makes it one that will always provide a challenge whether you play it frequently or not. But I think it’s one that you’ll keep coming back to.
360 - Yaniv Gold  &  Dan Iosub

  • Something new in gaming
  • Very simple to understand
  • Challenge yourself and friends on Game Center


  • Be careful where/how you spin!
  • It wants to connect to Facebook, whether you do or not



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