20 Must Have iPhone Apps for All Your Social Needs

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Any one who owns an iPhone will most likely have one or more social networking apps on their iOS device. We use our iPhones to do most things we once did on a computer alone. Here at Touch Reviews we thought of featuring a list of 20 must have apps that cover all your social needs.

1. Tweetbot – A beautiful and well designed app for accessing your Twitter account. Check your timeline, mentions and dm’s. You can send tweets, send photos and videos too. If you use lists then you can add them in your main timeline section or use the bar at the bottom. The app allows you to save drafts and add locations to your tweets. It doesn’t have all the features that some of the other Twitter clients have but it is a very worth-while app to try out. The UI and sound effects are great and makes your twitter experience a great one!

2. TwitGlitch – If you are a little addicted to Twitter or just use your Twitter account professionally then this app is ideal for you. TwitGlitch will keep you informed of the status information for Twitter and when clicking further into the app it will tell you the cause of the latest ‘fail whale’. You can also view past history and it will tell you the time and date of disruption. The app will also inform you of any official annoucements and the Twitter accounts latest tweets. Within the app you can add your own Twitter account to track your rate limit. A great app for keeping you up to date on all things Twitter!


3. qTweetings – This app is perfect to use when you are on the go but want to keep all your friends on Twitter and Facebook updated. It does one thing, post your Twitter and Facebook updates. You can post photos and videos as well and even schedule your tweets to a set time. There is an option to your follow list as well should you wish to reply or send a message to one of your friends.You can even tweet music you are currently listening to. A great way to Tweet whilst out and about.


4. Trickle – Another Twitter client but this one is rather unique. If you are busy at work or doing something that prevents you from loading and reading your main Twitter client then Trickle is for you. You can simply load it up pop it in your dock at your desk and watch your tweets flow on the screen one tweet at a time. It displays all your timelines tweets covering the whole of your screen for easy reading. You can also retweet and favourite tweets within the app and add multiple user accounts.


5. Birdbrain – Keep up to date with all of your Twitter Statistics. It keeps you updated with a list of all the latest in your followers. Find out who unfollowed you or who’s started following you. It keeps a count of all your mentions and all the tweets you send out. The app also shows you a new list you have been added to, your tweets retweeted and by whom.


6. DMs – The last in the selection of Twitter apps and another app that is great to work alongside your current twitter client. DM’s is great for managing all your DM’s efficiently. You can list all your friends into set groups for easier access or just view them in one long list. If you like keeping your messages, well you can keep them here for as long as you like. You can star important messages, write notes for users and search for old messages. This app almost feels like an instant messaging app but working with your DMs. A must have app for all twitter users.

7. Instagram – A fun way to capture and share your photos on your iPhone. Choose from several filters and tilt-shift effects, add a comment and simply post. This is a great social app. You post your photos to Instagram for all your friends to see. Other users can then follow you and you can follow back. There is an option to have your pictures private if you wish but part of the fun with this app is sharing for the world to see. You can post anything you like when out and about and you don’t have to be a professional photographer to make your pictures look great.


8.Viddy – Another fun sharing app with social tie-ins. This time it is all about the videos you capture. It works the same as Instagram, you simply capture a 15 second clip on your iPhone, choose a choice of filter and sound effects and then upload on to Viddy. Other users can then like and comment and you can follow other people and their daily videos.


9. Facebook – Just in case there is someone out there that doesn’t have this app I thought it was worth a mention. The official Facebook app for managing your Facebook account. View your timeline, profile and private messages. You can also use the chat section within the app and view upcoming events and birthdays. Post your status updates easily and like or comment on all of your friends status updates.

10. Foursquare – A fun, social app to let all your friends know where you are and what you are up to. Foursqaure lets you ‘check-in’ to the place where you are. You can then add photos, comments and send to Twitter and Facebook. You can leave tips for users visiting the places you go to and on occasions certain check-in destinations offer discounts and freebies. As you go you collect badges and  earn points to battle away against your friends.


11. FitFu – A fun app to use to get fit but with a great social feature. Start slowly doing the set exercises and unlocking them as you go. Each time you do any activity you earn points to help you level up. You can also add friends to motivate you and also earn points. You can visit your friends profiles to see what level they are at, what exercises they have done. A perfect app if you want to start exercising but need a little motivation from a few friends to get you started.


12. Boxcar – If you want to know as soon as you have a mention or DM on Twitter, or if someone just wrote on your Facebook wall then Boxcar is for you. It is a notification app that sends you alerts almost instantly when you get a message. When using with twitter it not only alerts you of your mentions and DMs but you can set it to notify you when you are retweeted, if someone favourites your tweets or if you have a new follower. It also works alongside many of the twitter apps already available. You can also set it up with your email, Google voice, Google buzz and any RSS feeds. Great to ensure you don’t miss any messages.


13. Colloquy – The IRC mac client on your iPhone, great when you are out and about. Supports multi-tasking and all the common IRC commands. There is also a built-in browser so you don’t have to leave the app. You can also set it up with Instapaper to read later any links you receive. The app stays connected for 10 minutes when you leave it and you can set it to alert you if it is going to disconnect. It is very easy to set up and get started and chatting.

14. PingChat! – A great chat application that works across several other platforms. Great for chatting individually and group chats. Instant messaging that is like texting but without having to give your phone number out. You can also share videos and photos. The app notifies you of any messages and it is all very easy to reply and send back to them. It also shows when a message is sent and read and you can see if they are typing a reply back. A great app to keep you always online and in contact with your friends.

15. LiveProfile – This is very similar to PingChat but with some slightly different feaures so we thought it was worth a mention. It works the same way, instant messaging to all your friends. Again when you send and receive it will notify you when it has been delivered. You are also able to let your friends know if you are available, busy or away and set a status update to let all your friends know what you are up to.

16. Skype – This is another well known service and a popular app but again one that is worth mentioning. The app enables you to voice call, video call and chat free to other Skype users. You can also purchase Skype credit to call other phones and text and lower rates. The app is great for using over wifi or 3G perfect for when you are out and about and can’t use Facetime or don’t have an iPhone 4.

17. IM+ Pro – A great all-in-one app for all your instant messaging sevices. You can use it with Skype, Gtalk, Yahoo, MSN, AIM, ICQ, MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, and Jabber! There is also a new feature called neighbours to connect with the people around you. You can locate friends on the map nearby and chat with them. The app also stays connected when you leave it and sends you push notifications. You can do group chat, view your twitter feeds and create your own status messages. There is even a built-in browser to surf the web. This is an excellant app that works well and perfect for those who have lots of different IM to log into.


18. Verbs – A beautiful, easy to use instant messaging app. This one is specifically for GTalk, AIM and Mobile Me. Chat with all your friends who use those services. It notifies you with alerts for any messages you receive and you can toggle your status from available to away. It also integrates Droplr and Cloudapp to enable you to send photos. You can also view downloaded text and documents from within the app. Update your status and let your friends know what you are up to. A lovely design and works very well.

19. Meet New People – A social networking app to meet people. An app that is used mainly for chatting and socializing and possibly leading to a date. Search around you or in an area you are wanting to meet someone. Very easy to use, just check out users profiles and then when asked whether you are interested say yes, maybe or no. You are able to see who looked at your profile and all the people that were interested in you to see if you want to chat with them. You chat privately to your friends. Very safe to use without giving out too much information.

20. WhatsApp Messenger – A cross-platform messenger service that works with your phones telephone number so no need for a PIN or user name. Instant messaging with push, use it just like you would when sending a SMS. You can also send videos and images and participate in group chat. The app is always on with no need to log off so feels just like the sms service. There is also the option to update a status to let your friends know what you are up to.

So these 20 apps cover a wide range of social networking apps available on the App Store. Which are your favourite apps? Let us know in the comments below.


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