20 iPhone Apps To Entertain Kids Over The Easter Holidays

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Sneezies Easter Edition_2

For many the upcoming Easter holidays are a few days break but for anyone with children you will know its actually a couple of weeks. Two weeks off trying to find exciting things for them to do can be a huge task in itself, I should know I have 3 little ones! So after checking the app store for the latest Easter goodies, here is some I found that might just keep them happy for a while.

1. Sneezies Easter Edition

Developed by Chillingo, if you have played Sneezies before this is an Easter version. 24 levels and 8 mode levels. Try to rescue as many Sneezies as you can by bursting their bubbles with your finger. Great graphics and sneezie sound effects. You can even post your high score online to compete against other sneezie players.

2. Dress Eggy

Developed by Emantras Dress Eggy is an app to let you decorate your egg and turn it in to a postcard picture to send to your friends. Colour and decorate your eggs with lots of colours and shapes. Then choose from a selection of wallpapers and for a added little touch you can record a message or use a pre-recorded one.

3. Easter Egg Painter

Created by SwartzentEnterprises is an egg painting application. You can paint with any colour and brush size. There is also the option to draw on your egg or make a face or simple colour it in then take a photo ready to send to your friends and family.

4. Easter Egg Hunt

Developed by Michaelapps Easter Egg Hunt is an easter egg finding game. You use the iPhones accelerometer to search the screen for hidden secrets. The game also includes OpenFeint achievements.

5. FlipEggs – Easter Edition

Created by TropicalPixels FlipEggs is a great memory game. There are two modes, pre-schooler mode and toddler mode. The game is simple you flip cards over and have to match two of the same. All the cards have lovely easter eggs and bunnies on them. Can have different levels of difficulty from 4 to 24 cards.

6. Boing Bunny Boing

Created by Onteca Boing Bunny Boing is a great action puzzle game. You have to help the easter bunny deliver all the apps to the children. Different levels to complete and also supports OpenFeint.

7. Easter Eggs – Find the eggs, help the bunny

Developed by Mobilebits Easter Eggs is an addcitive puzzle game for all ages. Guide the bunny around the map and help him find all the easter eggs. There are 50 eggs to collect altogether. There is also the option to compete with friends by connecting with your facebook friends. Share achievements via Twitter and Facebook.

8. iCardU – Easter Edition

Created by Dot8studio iCardU is a fun way to create and send Easter cards. Decorate the egg with colours, stickers and accessories. Pop it on a background, add a greeting and then send it via MMS.

9. Magic 3D Easter Egg Painter

Developed by SubVersus is an app designed ideally for the iPhone 3GS or an iPad although it will still work on other iPhones just only using tilt control. Magic 3D egg lets you see the egg in 3D and paint all sides of it from any possible view. A great unique twist to the normal ‘paint an egg’ apps.

10. Easter Math

Created by Prativo Easter maths is a great app for younger children. Its a fun educational game with addition and subtraction. After you do each quiz you get your results so your child can then see how well they have done. All surrounded by a cute easter bunny background.

11. Easter Egg Blitz

Created by JasonKlinke is a cuite little easter game. Help your easter bunny by guiding him left and right to catch the falling eggs. When you have as many as you can hold you count them uo to see your score. Watch out for the rotten eggs!

12. ATEggs – Easter egg hunting game

Developed by Afanche the game is a great egg hunting game. Search in the grass for the hidden eggs. You can see clearly on the screen how many there is and you just have to tap and search for them.

13. Easter Match

Created by Postimagineering Easter match is fun egg matching memory game. Slightly harder than you may think with similar cards to confuse you and you are also on a timer. Match the cards and improve your memory skills.

14. Easter Bunny Tracker

Developed by Talusmedia this Easter Bunny Tracker is great for getting your kiddies into the Easter spirit. Each day you will receive blogs with pictures and audio telling you tales and a radar map updating where abouts easter bunny is. Using your iPhones location the app can tell you how long it will be before easter bunny arrives!

15. Easter Angel

Created by Lindmandesign the Easter Angel app includes 12 cute Easter Greeting Cards. Its very simple to use, choose you card enter the mail address and send. A great and quick way to send your easter wishes to family and friends.

16. Hunting For Easter Eggs

Developed by Gogiigames this is another cute little hunting game. After all we all like easer egg hunting! The game consists of beating the clock and finding all the eggs hidden around the house. With a 3D environment this game is sure to be a win with the kiddies.

17. A Talking Easter Bunny

Developed by Gigabytesol this is just a basic little app to keep the kiddies amazed, an app with a difference. It is a talking bunny who say’s little sentences to your children using the iPhones in built microphone to listen to you. Great app to amaze the children

Dodger Easter Edition_2

18. Dodger Easter Edition

Developed by Orientmaple this is a great game for all ages. Help the character dodge all the balls and chase bunnies. Avoid as many balls as possible. Look out for the easter gifts to enhance your game and help you along.

19. Easter Game – Slider Puzzle

Created by Myhip this easter game is a great easter puzzle. You just slide the pieces up, down, left or right to try and make the full picture. There are 16 images to choose from.

20. Easter Egg n Spoon Race

Created by Iconicapps turn your iPhone into the spoon and carry your precious virtual egg. Challenge your friends to a race. Great 3D imagine and for an added entertainment value why not get the kiddies to hold and balance it whilst your drivin in the car! Hard to do but sure to keep them occupied.

There is something for every age in the list above that are sure to keep the kids entertained throughout the holidays. All of them can be used on the iPhone or iPod Touch. If you know any more great Easter apps add them in the comments below.


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  • Andrea

    Another great iPhone app for Easter is “LittleFish”. My 3 children love it!

    Cheers, Andrea

  • iPhone App Reviews

    yeahhh nice iPhone Apps list,have go some nice name,i have too some of thsese games.

    Thanks for Sharing

  • Belinda

    Rockford's Rock Opera, free app 1 hour of a wonderful musical story with animation and pictures… sure to keep kids quiet 🙂

  • Shuchi

    For some great apps (not necessarily on the Easter theme) for kids (ages 3-13 years), SmartBean has compiled a fantastic list of 70 or so of the best apps – categorized by subject (art, music, language learning, science, math, puzzles, and more..). http://www.thesmartbean.com/magazine/after-scho

  • OnceUponAnApp

    Another great iPhone app for Easter is the “Tale of Peter Rabbit!” The classic story has a great hidden pic game. http://bit.ly/9FSgp8

  • Michael

    Should also check out Henry Goes Camping for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Great children's book about a Chocolate Lab. http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/henry-goes-campi

  • Ndasika

    This is a nice way to keep the kids busy this Easter holidays. I did not know that my iPhone will come handy on this Easter holidays.

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