16GB WiFi iPad mini now for $299 at Walmart

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16GB WiFi iPad mini

With the web abuzz with rumors of a new iPad 5 with an iPad mini-like design and even a redesigned mini with a Retina Display, retailers are beginning to slash prices on the device. On Wednesday, Walmart began selling Apple’s iPad mini for $299, marking one of the first price drops for the device since its release.

The $299 price point is only available for the 16GB WiFi iPad mini and is the same price that Apple is currently selling its refurbished units for. The iPad mini, from both Walmart and Apple still come with the Cupertino company’s standard 1 year warranty on all of its products and accessories. However, if the iPad mini is purchased from Walmart, the customer will be receiving a new device, as opposed to Apple’s refurbished units.

If a customer decides to partake in this deal, they may go through the in-store pickup process, giving them the option reserve a device online and then pick up in the store. It also appears that the “ship to home” option is also available, even though it was not when the deal originally went up. It is unclear if other retailers will begin to lower prices on Apple’s iPad. However, if other retailers do decide to follow suit with Walmart’s discount, it may be very soon, especially since Apple is expected to introduce a new lineup of iPads in the next several months.


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