13 iPhone Apps and Games To Get You Into The Christmas Spirit

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It is time to get into the christmas spirit, with all the festive christmas apps available in the app store it is hard to choose the best ones. So we have done it for you. Here are 12 apps that will bring a bit of christmas spirit into your days building up to Christmas Day.

1. A-Story-A-Day Advent Calendar Christmas 2010

A-Story-A-Day Advent Calendar Christmas 2010

Created by Moulinarn this works just like the chocolate advent calendars you might have had when you were younger. Each day in December you open a door and behind each door is a christmas story to read.

The stories all relate to christmas and the holiday season running up to the big day. The stories are easy to read, you simply swipe the page to turn. If you enjoy the story you can also add it to your favorites to find it again easily.

You can choose the background of your calendar from several themes, things like snowman, christmas trees and penguins. In cheat mode if you simply can’t wait until the next day! There is also a selection of jolly christmas music whilst you read. It is great for any child to enjoy the build up to christmas. ($1.99, View in iTunes)

2. Christmas Tree 3D

Developed by Game-systems Christmas Tree 3D is all about decorating a tree ready for christmas. Select a tree and then add the scene you prefer. Once that is done you can add ornaments of many colours and lights to get the real christmas tree look.

The tree is animated as well so it all makes a lovely christmas page. I added a moving train that went around my tree complete with sounds! Then you can choose tinsel, baubles and lights. There are also items such as candy sticks, bows and stars you can put on display. You can even dim the switch on the lights to get the room a little darker so the christmas lights stand out a bit more.

Once you are happy with your 3D display you can then save the picture to your camera roll and send  it to all your friends! Great for that unusual christmas message for all ages. ($0.99, View in iTunes)

3.  Quick Christmas List

Quick Christmas List

If you are like me and have lots of organizing and presents to buy at christmas then this app is ideal to help you. Developed by Clevermatrix ‘Quick Christmas List’ keeps track of everything for you, right from your present ideas to making sure you have wrapped the present!

It is very easy to use, simply add a person, enter what presents you want to buy them and what your budget is. You can also enter if they are friends, family or a work friend. Then when you have bought the item, tap that you have bought it and for how much. It will save the information and take the amount off your budget.

Once you have wrapped the present update it again and also when you have given it to the person it was for. There is no way of forgetting now what you have bought someone and whether you have given it to them or not.

The app will tell you if you go over budget and by how much so it is very easy to keep track of your money. You can also email your list should you wish to have it stored somewhere else. The To Do list is great to check and again very easy. You can quickly glance and see who still needs what. A perfect app to let you organise you christmas gift list. ($0.99, View in iTunes)

4. Christmas Match

Christmas Match

Developed by Limasky Christmas Match is a game of matching pairs with a great christmas theme. A memory game that is sure to get you into the christmas mood. Tap the squares to reveal a christmas image, as you turn them they make a jingle bell sound. To finish the game you have to find two of each image. When you have matched them all you are shown your score and the time it took you to complete it. Try again to improve your score.

The game has fun, cute characters and animated snow falling to make the game christmassy. This is a great game that can be picked up at any time for a quick play and one suitable for any age. ($0.99, View in iTunes)

5. Christmas Wallpapers & Backgrounds in ONE Free

Christmas Wallpapers Backgrounds in ONE Free

Christmas wallpapers and backgrounds is just that. An app full to the brim of different images to use as your wallpaper on your device. The app is very easy to use you can check out the popular images at the moment, or just randomly browse through the choices. If you see one you like you simply tap on it and then import it to your camera roll. A fun app for those who want to decorate their iPhone for christmas. (Free, View in iTunes)

6. A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol

Created by Standard Works A Christmas Carol is the well known story by Charles Dickens. The app displays the story in a large easy to read print and scrolls slowly through the story. The scrolling can be controlled by tilting the device and you can even select the colour of your text and paper. The app allows you to even adjust the text size.

A great christmas story and displayed perfectly within this app. ($0.99, View in iTunes)

7. reMovem Christmas Edition

reMovem Christmas Edition

Developed by Mundue reMovem Christmas Edition is a festive version of the reMovem game already available. To play the game you tap balls of the same colour to clear. The more balls there are in group the higher the score. The aim is to see how high you can score.

In this version the coloured balls are decorated with christmas images, snowmen, reindeer, christmas trees and much more. With Game Center integration you can compete with your friends online for the highest score.

A great quick, pick up and play game. (Free, View in iTunes)

8. Dropbrick Christmas Edition

Dropbrick Christmas Edition

Developed by ifunstudio Dropbrick Christmas edition is an addictive puzzle game. Santa is stood on boxes of different shapes and sizes. You have to clear the boxes away and land him safely on the platform.

Not quite as easy as it sounds as you have to balance him on blocks whilst clearing others first. You need to think before you clear and make sure he doesn’t fall. There are 10 levels to complete with the option to purchase more in-app.

The game also as great music and cute graphics and is another game that will get you feeling all christmassy. (Free, View in iTunes)

9. Christmas Doodle Monster Match

Christmas Doodle Monster Match

Developed by limasky this is a game that is very similar to the Christmas Match game. This time the characters are from the other popular game Doodle Jump. It is a matching pair game where you turn over two cards at a time to try get the same. A great game to test just how good your memory is. The aim of the game is to see how high you can score and the time that you achieve it in.

Everytime you turn a square over it plays a super cute sound and jingle bells can be heard. The animated characters are the christmas monsters from Doodle Jump and are sure to be a hit with everyone. ($0.99, View in iTunes)

10. Talking Christmas Santa Kid

Talking Christmas Santa kid

Created by Cloud M1 this talking santa kid will have your children giggling for hours. If you talk to the little fella, he listens and then repeats what you say in a very high pitched squeak! He will also juggle a pile of presents, look into his santa sack and drink a cup of eggnog. You can also do quite a few things to entertain him as well. You can pull his beard, tickle his tummy, touch his nose and make him say Ho! Ho! Ho!

Playing in the background there is also three christmas songs. A great fun app that will keep you entertained for hours. ($0.99, View in iTunes)

11. Christmas Delight

Christmas Delight

Developed by Pocket Software Christmas delight is an app that lets you decorate your very own christmas tree. Drag and drop over 50 ornaments to decorate the tree. You can create more than one at once and also name them if you like to see whos tree belongs to who. Whilst your busy decorating it also plays christmas music so it feels just like the real thing!

You can then send the image via email or facebook to your friends and family. ($0.99, View in iTunes)

12. Christmas Lifecards

Christmas Lifecards iPhone App

If you want to send personalized seasons greetings to your friends and family then why not create them on your iPhone? Christmas Lifecards developed by Vivid Apps enables you to create beautiful e-cards. The app has many options to customize the look and layout of your card with many templates built in. The user interface is very intuitive and yet the app allows you to edit text, color, font, rotate and crop images and much more. ($0.99, View in iTunes)

13. WeeMee Avatar Creator

WeeMee Christmas Avatar Creator

Developed by Weeworld the app is designed to create weemees of you and your friends. Dress them with unique hairstyles and clothes and now it is stocked full with a winter wardrobe.

Add many other accessories to your weemee, food, eyewear, make up and facial hair. There are over 300 items to choose from. You can also select from a range of different backgrounds. Once you have created them send via email or MMS and save to your camera roll. ($0.99, View in iTunes)

Have you tried any christmas apps yet? Have you found your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.


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  • EnsenaSoft

    Santa’s Christmas Village (17-in-1) from EnsenaSoft has just been made available on the App Store! This exciting new version of the game, which previously was rated #1 “Best Santa Game” by Apple iTunes in 2009, includes an incredible 17 entertaining and fun games that will get you into the Christmas spirit no matter what the time of year! Santa’s Christmas Village’s hand drawn computer painted graphics, original seasonal folk music, classic Christmas tunes (over 25 songs included!), and classic original games encourages your entire family to participate in the fun.

    Santa’s Christmas Village 17-in-1 is Available on the App Store here:

  • Carrie

    You should also mention Simple Christmas app – you get a variety of trees to choose from as well as a wreath and you can load it up with fun ornaments, lights, stars and more! You can also choose from a variety of backgrounds. Once you are done you can email it to a friend or post it on you FB wall. Great stuff for under a buck!

  • John Forward

    HOw about the Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer app? And the free World Greetings? Those are good too!

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