1000: Find ‘Em All! Great Looking Game To Interact With Your Environment

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1000 Find Em All iPhone

1000: Find ‘Em All! Rating: ★★★★☆

You know that you are getting quality when you start up a game from App Store leaders Glu Mobile and 1000: Find Em All is no different. This is one of their first games to include their new animated start-up screen and it immediately confirms that Glu aren’t resting on their laurels when it comes to their production values.

1000: Find ‘Em All is a unique game, that’s if you can even call it a game, the aim is to help your character roam in his environment find the 1000 hidden packages strewn across the said land. Sounds easy doesn’t it, and to be honest it is, what is unique about this game though is the 3 unique ways you have to discover the hidden packages.

The first is pretty straight forward. You control your character and move him around the large environment by either tapping on where you want him to walk to or by dragging your finger around the screen while he follows. Frustratingly your character can sometimes get stuck behind the most unobtrusive objects and you’ll find yourself have to re-route your character to free him again.

1000 Find Em All iPhone_3

As you move around the land you’ll need to tap on anything and everything in the hope that it will pop open a hidden package for you. You’ll find yourself tap on some pretty unique things, from windmills and frogs to mail boxes and dandelions, in fact I don’t know of a time where I’ve tapped a chicken on the head so many times to see if I get a reward!

The rewards are many and varied and they are all categorized into different groups including Big Teeth, Clown Outfit, Geek Squad, Headwear and The Troll Gang. Each item includes a description and these descriptions include facts, figures, jokes and surreal comments that often brought a smile out of me which is always a good sign.

There are two other ways to find hidden packages and this is where the innovative side of the game comes out and this is called gifting. For all iPod touch and iPhone users you can browse wireless hotspots and depending on where you are a selection of gifters will appear in your game world. Wander over, click on them and they’ll present you with there package. The more wireless hotspots you search the more you will find.

1000 Find Em All iPhone_4The final and most unique option is for iPhone users as it utilizes the GPS. Launching this mode will launch a Google Map of your local area and on that map will be placed various packages. To claim them you have to physically go to that location and collect it. I haven’t tried this option but this innovative and unique mode offers a whole new world of possibilities. Although I’m not sure how often I’d want to walk around with my iPhone out in front of me searching for hidden packages.

The graphics are a cross between Zelda and Super Mario Brothers and they look great. Your little animated character roams around his environment full of the joys of spring, in fact the land looks like it’s permanently stuck in the season of spring because as you explore the land it changes from a dull grey to a bright yellow full of joy and happiness. In fact it’s this change of color that helps you determine which parts of the huge environment you have been to already.

There are plenty of achievements to aim for too based on your packages, the amount you’ve explored and the different groups you’ve completed and who knows what will happen when you find all 1000 packages!

The thing that lets 1000: Find Em All down for me is the lack of direction and the feeling that there really is no point to this treasure hunt. Having said that Glu have created another great looking game with innovative ways to interact with your environment so on that alone it’s worth a go!

The Good

  • 3 unique ways to interact inc. you GPS
  • Huge environment to explore
  • Great sense of humor

The  Not So Good

  • Your character can get stuck easily
  • Lake of direction

Reviewed By: Craig Willis

1000 teaser Trailer

Price: $2.99 (iTunes Store)
Reviewed Version 1.0
Size: 9.0 MB
Seller: Glu Mobile, Inc.


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