10 weeks on the App Store: a Pocket Frogs Infographic

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One of the best features of the iOS introduced as a part of 3.0 version was in-app purchase which was primarily aimed at giving developers the ability to offer subscription based services. This didn’t quite lead to an instant adoption by popular publications but has proved to be a major game changer for game developers.

Same time last year ngmoco’s Eliminate Pro and Touch Pet Dogs showed us that freemium game model is here to stay as both games quickly climbed to the top positions. However, at that time many developers and publishers were not sure if this would lead to sustainable income or not.

It’s been more than year since developers started offering free apps and games with in-app purchase and almost all statistics we’ve reported on strongly suggest that the freemim model doesn’t just help in becoming the most downloaded app but is profitable too.

NimbleBit, the developers of Pocket Frogs, today released some interesting data which shows how the app performed in the first 10 weeks on the App Store.

Pocket Frogs was developed over a period of two months by a team of two developers and it has now crossed 3 million downloads. The highest number of active users has been 350,000 and it is most popular in the United States when compared with the other countries it is available in.

The most interesting part of the infographic is when you look at the “virtual goods” the game sold in the form of in-app purchases. Pocket Frogs has managed to sell more than 12 million potions and 4 million stamps. These consumables sell at packs priced at $.99, $4.99 and $29.99.

During in-game promotion for AmphibianRescue.org the game also raised more than $3,000 which also shows that users respond to special causes and like limited time editions.

From the figures being reported it’s not difficult to conclude that free games with downloadable content are very popular on the App Store. This is not very surprising when we consider the fact that we are living in the “FarmVille” era where we have learned and enjoy to spend money on virtual goods.

Pocket Frogs Data Infographic


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